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Why go to a boarding school?:

  • Boarding School students are uniquely prepared for university life.
  • In addition, they arrive at university better prepared for academic rigor because of they learned how to be responsible at Boarding School.
  • Because discipline is rarely a problem in boarding school.
  • Boarding schools traditionally hire well-qualified teachers who are specialists in their chosen subject.
  • There’s no doubt about it: the extra-curricular activities on offer at boarding schools are almost certainly going to be far more extensive than those on offer at a day school.
  • Because Parents want their kids to learn to live independently.
  • Boarding school students quickly learn how to perform many domestic chores and complete school assignments by themselves.
  • Boarding school students live and attend classes with people from a variety of cultures; therefore, they learn to appreciate and respect the differences in one another and live amicably.
  • Boarding school students are known to graduate with exceptional character and demeanor. They reside in a community where traits such as honesty, respect and hard work are valued and emphasized.
  • Boarding school students are often exposed to a wider range of activities to broaden their learning.
  • Discipline. The foremost function that is performed by a boarding school is providing discipline and a sense of punctuality.
  • Boarding school students say that boarding school has helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, independence, and the ability to think critically.
  • Most boarding schools offer students the right combination of curriculum and learning environment so they experience both academic and personal achievement.
  • Boarding school students also learn study habits and self-discipline to help prepare for university.
  • Boarding school students show noticeable increases in maturity, self-discipline, independence, and critical thinking-life skills.
  • Boarding school can also help in the development of children’s communication skills or social skills.
  • Your child is kept away from the stress of family tension and this actually improves the quality of family relationship as time whenever spent together is quality time.