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Independent Primary School, Specialising In Comprehensive. Local Municipality Is Rustenburg Local Municipality Located In The District Of Rustenburg.

We at Harmony Christian School are focused on excellence.
100% Passing Rate

Our Mission is to create a spiritual, academic and disciplined environment conducive to learning and character-building.
Our Vision is to guide each child to discover his or her purpose on earth and actualize his or her potential. That Christian faith and learning may go hand in hand and character grow with knowledge.

Harmony Christian School is a truly Christian primary school located in Rustenburg, North Western Region of South Africa under the aucpices of Bethel Gospel Assembly, Harlem New York. We work tirelessly to give our students the best education possible. We admit learners from all nationalities. We have boarding facilities and teach computer lessons as early as Grade 1 and Christian moral values are emphasized.

Harmony Christian School was founded in 2006 with Grade 1-4 learners gradually going up to Grade 9 from 2008 to 2016. Our Grade 9 learners had to be transferred to other schools with High School facilities. Beginning in 2017 we added grades 10 and 11; beginning 2019 we will also have Grade 12.

Harmony Christian School is established on Harmony Estate with the two other units on 160 hectares of land.
Tractor - Secondary School

The Harmony Christian School is the hub of activity on the Harmony Estate
The Learners and all who work and live on the Harmony Estate are to be fed from the proceeds of the Harmony Farms
A major curriculum goal of the School is to run Agricultural and Agric. technology tracks
Harmony Farms
Harmony Christian School also has a farm on 160-hectares of land, and we are now opening the chicken and game farm for business. In the future, we plan to sell our products to the neighborhood. The school is also available for groups retreat and church gatherings.

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